"Snapped some photos at the Ohio State Fair today. New hobby!"

-Montgomery Maxton's Diary in August 1996, age 16

The "hobby" that started 20 years ago has become the essence of Montgomery Maxton's artistic career. Maxton's work gained world-wide attention in 2007 when National Geographic Magazine published Skeleton in A Gloomy Window. They have gone on to publish nearly a dozen of his pieces. 

Interview Magazine has also published his photography.

His 2008 National Geographic-published photograph, Barack Obama in Ault Park, sells for $10,000.00. A copy is owned by artist Shepard Fairy.

Major news outlets such as NBC News have used his photography to accompany various news stories.

His work includs portraits of notable civil rights icons like Coretta Scott King, President Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, and Rev. Al Sharpton.

Montgomery Maxton's photography hangs in private collections in over twenty countries.

​​​Montgomery Maxton